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PLC Group offers services for the profitable purchase of a car from the USA, Canada and Korea. They provide a full range of services for the purchase, delivery, customs clearance, certification and registration of cars. Their website also contains an extensive database of wine numbers from Copart, IAAI, Manheim, Lotte auctions, where you can check a car by vin code for free before buying. If necessary, vehicle history data can be deleted from the PLC.UA website database.

Professional deletion of car history, photos, VIN code

Every year the number of vehicles purchased at auto auctions is increasing. After the purchase, the owner of the car is faced with the fact that the entire history of his car is publicly available on Google search results and on websites. VINCLEANER service protects the privacy of its customers. We can remove the history of the car and photos from public access. Doing it yourself is quite difficult, and sometimes impossible. Our advantage is a professional team of removal experts, programmers and lawyers. Turning to us at your disposal will be all our expertise and capabilities.

Deleting car information from PLC.UA

The history of the car on the site cannot be changed. Only complete deletion of the vehicle record. Information from the site is deleted irrevocably.

Recording from American auctions - USA - 60$. Removal from the site takes 1-3 days, removal from the google search section "images" - 3-5 business days.

Record from Korean auctions - KOREA - 90$. Removed from the site within 2-3 business days and 4-6 days from the google search section "images".

Recording from Canadian and Dubai auctions - DYBAI/CANADA - 60$. Removed from the site within 1-3 business days and 4-6 days from the google search section "images".

Also, in some cases, we can offer to delete the history of a car posted on the website only from the "images" section of the google search results. When entering the VIN code into Google, information on the website will not be visible. Removal approximately within 3-10 business days.

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