Clear car history - what does it mean?
"Clear car history" or "Clean a car history" means to remove all entries about the VIN code, photos and other car data from private sites and search results.
How to remove carfax report? How to get accident removed from Carfax database?
CARFAX is the official American report. We do not remove information from official sources! Our service can remove car accident record from private sites and Internet issuance.
Why did the vehicle information reappear on Google after being deleted?
Now more and more sites of collectors of information from auto auctions appear on the Internet. We remove information from Google that we see in the issue at the moment. But, if after a while, a new collector site appears and your VIN number is in its database, then most likely Google will pull up your data again.
How many days does it take to delete information?
Deleting vehicle history consists of two steps: - direct deletion of the record by VIN number from the sites takes 2-3 days; - after the first step, we start cleaning the Google results of the PICTURES section and it takes another 4-6 business days.
Why does the deletion cost vary for different machines?
Each site that shows the history of your car has a different cost for removal services. Also a different number of sites where your car is. One VIN can only be on two sites, and the other VIN can on 10 sites, so the cost of completely clearing the history of the VIN number will be different. , WhatsApp, Telegram).
How can I make payment for your services?
You can pay for our services: - from VISA, MasterCard cards through FONDY and WayForPay services; - for Ukraine to the MonoBank card; - by Western Union, IntelExpress transfers; - to a crypto wallet.
Can you remove vin history from the poktra (Poctra) website?
We may remove Poctra website record from Google search results.
If you delete bidfax and Autoastat reports, will it not appear on this sites again?
No, it won't! The vehicle history record is permanently deleted.
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