Clear car history - VIN: 16050037

VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN: 16050037
  • Color red
  • Body
  • Drive
  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Transmission automatic
  • Title oh - bill of sale
  • Runs and Drive No
  • Odometer 0 mi not actual
  • Keys yes
  • Primary damage water/flood
  • Secondary damage minor dent/scratches
Sale information
  • Auction copart
  • Lot number 60304152
  • Sale location oh - cleveland east
  • Sale date 2022-10-25
  • Retail value $
  • Repair cost $
About lot

Car 2018 CAGIVA GOLF CART VIN number 16050037. This vehicle was sold at copart auto auction lot number 60304152, auction date 2022-10-25.

The vehicle has an engine size of and a mileage of 0 MI. Our service provided the following details for the lot: automatic transmission, water/flood damage, Don't Start condition of the car.

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New VINs
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