Clear car history - VIN: 160116317

2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042
VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN: 160116317
  • Color orange
  • Body
  • Drive
  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Transmission unknown
  • Title fl - bill of sale
  • Runs and Drive No
  • Odometer 0 mi not required/exempt
  • Keys yes
  • Primary damage flood
  • Secondary damage salt water
Sale information
  • Auction iaa
  • Lot number 35451421
  • Sale location il - specialty division
  • Sale date 2022-12-28
  • Retail value $
  • Repair cost $
About lot

Car 2022 JLG SKYTRAK 6042 VIN number 160116317. This vehicle was sold at iaa auto auction lot number 35451421, auction date 2022-12-28.

The vehicle has an engine size of and a mileage of 0 MI. Our service provided the following details for the lot: unknown transmission, flood damage, Don't Start condition of the car.

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New VINs
KNDJ23AU5L7727308 4T1BE46K17U128370 YV4A22PLXK1454518 SJKCH5CR0HA028171 2T2GK31U48C049968 WAUFGAFB9BN036244 3TMAZ5CN2LM118082 3MVDMABL0MM242114 4S4BRBKC1B3323441 JN8AT2MV1HW261261 1C4BJWDG4EL216049 4T3RWRFV8NU053786 5GAKRBEDXBJ347386 1GCWGFBA9B1155271 5TFUM5F13FX061037 JTDDR32T930151259 3KPF24AD6ME376261 1G11C5SL8EF141363 1C3CDZAB5DN536056 3N1AB7AP7JY345118 1FTMF1EM2DKG15435 1C4HJXDG8KW648430 000000L3430D30364 5YFS4RCE7LP004727 1G4GB5G33FF338788 3VW5T7AU1MM010527 ZN661XUS6LX343482 2FMDK38CX9BA30464 KM8JU3AC3CU357510 2T2ZZMCA3HC038117 1FMZU77E42UD55573 1FTMF1CWXAKE38410 2T3RFREV8HW651141 2G2WP552461311669 3VWC57BU8KM092754 1C3CCBBB1CN278710 5JWSC1214HN272622 JH4DC4452YS011764 1FMCU9GX0DUC72938 1GTJK33D77F179174 1FMSK7FH7LGC85795 19XFB2F83CE058743 1N4AL21EX8N519370 4T1G31AK7LU533287 1FMCU9GX3DUB24251 1J4GR48K06C309146 1N4AL11D06N402623 4S3BNAC68F3071907 1ZVHT80N095125629 1FMCU9J96GUA67333 1NXBU4EE9AZ337457 JTDKB20U263192692 WAUKJAFM3BA046695 2G1WB55K269232344 WBAVA37568ND56019 2T3BF4DV8AW060142 2T1BU4EE2CC917900 1FADP3K28EL271588 1D7HU16N48J211455 5XYKTCA15BG016961 JM1BL1VGXB1463305 2G4WF551321291989 1GKKNULS5KZ185082 4T1KZ1AK9MU056419 JTHBJ46G692323986 JN1EV7EK5JM340090 1GNERGKWOMJ236418 4T1B61HK8KU842983 1FTER4FH5LLA34941 JTNK4RBE3K3038412 1FMRU1565YLA20569 2GNALCEK2H1522093 3N1AB7AP8JY220211 WBAVC93528K040568 1GNEK13Z15J195583 5NPEC4AC1BH091878 1N4BA41E18C815041 JTDBT4K30B4083276 4T1BF1FK9GU129150 5FPYK3F79JB011527 1G1PA5SH1D7169431 1FTPX14V67NA51831 JN8AS5MT7DW504441 3FADP4BJ4DM122721 1GCEK19J47Z645385 4T1CA30P35U055451 3CZRU5H37MM715359 WB30G1107KR857743 1FAHP3E27CL225079 JTHBJ46G172059394 3C4PDCABXCT390276 1C4SJVFJ2NS132286 3N1AB7AP3DL786567 2A4RR5DG2BR604265 2GNAXPEX0K6278123 JA32U2FU8BU036709 1NXBR30E67Z836194 WDBHA28E9TF446529 1N4BA41E04C867125 JN1AZ0CP8BT008824 5Y2SP67829Z433797 1XPXD49X1KD272982 3C6UR5CL4LG217021 YV4162UM8K2143567 4S4BSAFC7K3317412 3N1BC13E79L386416 JN8AZ2NF2C9518215 JTHBK1GG6F2201408 1FM5K7D92DGA01192 JN1AZ34E15M654705 JTJJM7FX2F5104911 5N1AZ2CS2LN102213 WBAPK5C51BF121811 1C4NJPFA2GD633212 ZACNJABB9KPK81619 5YJSA1S14EFP62130 1GNSCJE06CR212875 2T3DFREV0FW264851 5UXKU0C5XG0F93415 1FMCU9GX0EUC67451 3GCEK13C68G238616 WDBFA66E8MF033777 JN8AE2KP0D9071491 1C4SDHCT5LC380960 1G1FB1RS5M0127100 SAJWA0GB2BLS20032 1GC1KUEG7GF102415 3CZRU6H36HG707635 JNKCV61F79M354428 1GCNCNEH2GZ272418 2C3CDXAG0GH277490 KM8R54HE1MU197920 1HGFA16817L116358 1FTCR10A9PTA85074 4T1BF1FK8HU794140 1GYKNCRS0KZ103511 2C3CDXBG9EH215209 1GNEK13Z54J267030 WBA3B3G53FNT18701 JM1BL1UP4D1757545 1FAFP42X4YF219873 5TEVL52N72Z088678 5J6RE48359L069254 JN1CA21D2VM529086 4T1BE32K33U125366 JHLRD788X2C016581 1N4AL3AP4GN334866 2CNFLGEY0A6285053 1C6RR7FGXGS103569 5FNYF5H50LB029292
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