Clear car history - VIN: 0MCE1225D292

VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN: 0MCE1225D292
  • Color tan
  • Body
  • Drive
  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Transmission automatic
  • Title il - bill of sale
  • Runs and Drive No
  • Odometer 0 mi exempt
  • Keys no
  • Primary damage burn
  • Secondary damage side
Sale information
  • Auction copart
  • Lot number 68242112
  • Sale location il - chicago north
  • Sale date 2022-12-27
  • Retail value 14966$
  • Repair cost 9897$
About lot

Car 1992 SUNC BOAT VIN number 0MCE1225D292. This vehicle was sold at copart auto auction lot number 68242112, auction date 2022-12-27.

The vehicle has an engine size of and a mileage of 0 MI. Our service provided the following details for the lot: automatic transmission, burn damage, Don't Start condition of the car.

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New VINs
1N4BL4BV6MN308076 5FNYF4H68DB009568 JM3KE2BE9E0408218 1N4BL4BV6LC152468 1GNERFKWXLJ120202 2T1BURHE3EC042502 5N1AZ2MJXKN112086 3N1BC1CPXBL450844 1GTW7AFGXK1224356 YV1SW58D212072734 KL4CJASB3KB769642 YV1672MC5DJ142327 3KPF24AD5LE246759 19XFB2F51FE027517 1HD4LE230DC443748 5TDJK3DC9CS048943 WBA4A9C50GGL88887 1DHD2AR13R1045200 JTEES41A682084741 JN1CV6EK5EM113327 2T2HA31U16C106535 5XYZG3AB4CG093219 2T1BURHE5GC558198 2C4RDGCG3ER264999 1N4BL4BV4LC127469 1C6RD7NT8CS298174 4T1BF1FKXFU044655 1FM5K8GT6FGB76092 1J4NT1FA3BD155537 2C4RC1BG7CR348824 1N6MD27Y34C416378 1GC4K0E8XFF129010 JN1BV7AP6FM355189 1FMCU0F73FUC73162 4T1BG22K5YU996023 19XFB2F58DE092863 5FNYF4H74BB017625 3VWDP7AJ7CM453947 3N1CN8DV1LL838986 1B7HF13Y21J574832 JTDDR32T450182096 5TDYZ3DC2HS771857 JF2GPABC5G8347361 SHHFK7H33KU206895 4S4BSAFC7G3337067 JTJHF10U110181232 1FTEX1C84AKE40835 5TDZA23C86S520202 3FA6P0D98KR220638 KNMAT2MT8FP508681 1G1ZD5ST2MF027521 5FNRL5H4XEB023040 3FA6P0LUXKR241190 001125S39E9280977 5NPDH4AE0CH127981 WBAHN83558DT84241 5NMSH73E08H218453 2FAFP71W36X161346 3C63R2FL4KG662671 1G1JC6SH6F4172061 1N4BA41E75C824600 KNAGM4A73F5546077 1J8GR48K77C610285 WDDHH8HB7BA256994 WDDWJ8GBXHF464263 1N4AL2AP4CN569546 4S4BRDKC5D2205235 5UXZV4C52CL755143 3FA6P0G73ER108487 2GKALMEKXH6232948 L5YACBPZ3M1138507 1G1FB1RX2K0125832 MXPB39MSK900 WBADM6340YGU16878 1J4FA49S7YP718631 3GCPCREC3FG304649 1G2ZG57N184103244 1GKFK16Z82J338425 1FD4F46R38EE00139 3N1BC13E59L482366 3GCPKSE3XBG289510 4T1C11AK9MU574817 WBAWC33598PD08815 JTJHT00W343540720 5GAKVBKD7FJ211030 3VW2K7AJ0FM352498 1FTFW1ETXCFA13826 5NPE24AF1KH750717 WP0CA2A83AS710249 SHSRD78823U127846 KNMAT2MV3JP614689 1C4PJLCB4HW526599 5XYZT3LB9HG419581 1C3CDZAB3DN594215 JHMGD37498S062394 5NPEC4AB5BH306864 2G1WA5EK6A1191484 1C4PJMAB1FW716933 2GCEK19N441312370 1FTEF14H3SLC13617 2GNALDEK2E6112107 JTHBK1GG4E2133527 WBA8Z5C57GGS38133 3KPF34AD6LE228851 3N1AB6AP0AL665324 2HKYF18516H552318 WDDKK6FF6FF307069 1G1ND52J116190623 3C4PDCAB4JT474171 JA4APVAU6MU018896 5NPDH4AE4GH736173 3TYCZ5AN0MT029211 1GNER13D49S178843 JTNBE46K873034427 1HGCR2F84DA262696 1GNDS13S232330561 ML32F3FJ0HHF19352 JNRDR07Y61W101948 JTHGZ1B24L5036191 3GCUKSEC8EG442537 3CZRU5H52GM712990 WBAPK7C5XBA463444 1G1ZD5ST9JF145724 1ZVHT82H865249179 1NXBR32E53Z106641 1N6ED27Y81C334324 JN8AS5MV6FW754645 1HGCP2F69CA149409 4F2YZ04125KM42558 KM8NU13C07U024075 2C4RC1DG6MR533543 1G1ZD5ST6JF152341 KNAFU4A28A5298322 WP1AA2A54MLB09085 1FADP3F24EL134531 2A4RR8DG2BR690033 2T1BURHE4JC062896 3KPA24AD5LE335578 1GCGSCEN1H1267622 4T1BE32K24U926145 3GNFC16J18G188162 3GNAL2EK4FS537867 5TENL42NX4Z427348 1GTEK14027Z531321 1G1NE52J63M710598 WBA3B1C57FK139623 1FMCU9G90DUD84303 1GTCS1440V8501442 3N1AB7AP4JY250712 JA32U2FU4GU007151
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