Clear car history - VIN: 1256565

VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN: 1256565
  • Color yellow
  • Body
  • Drive
  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Transmission automatic
  • Title oh - certificate of title (p)
  • Runs and Drive Yes
  • Odometer 74398 mi actual
  • Keys yes
  • Primary damage mechanical
  • Secondary damage minor dent/scratches
Sale information
  • Auction copart
  • Lot number 40583173
  • Sale location oh - cleveland east
  • Sale date 2023-02-28
  • Retail value 37000$
  • Repair cost $
About lot

Car 1953 BUICK SUPER VIN number 1256565. This vehicle was sold at copart auto auction lot number 40583173, auction date 2023-02-28.

The vehicle has an engine size of and a mileage of 74398 MI. Our service provided the following details for the lot: automatic transmission, mechanical damage, Runs & Drive condition of the car.

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New VINs
1V2UR2CA1KC551223 4X4CFS6188D159242 1G1PE5SB1F7110172 KNDJT2A23B7198316 19XFB2F54CE048289 WMWZF3C59BTY00163 5FNRL18913B156903 YV126MFLXH2425185 1HGCV3F98MA010833 JTEHD21A560040556 JTNJJXB07CJ015340 5FNYF4H22AB030392 3MW5R1J00M8B82808 3VWPP7AJXDM654644 5N1AT2MV6GC811609 1GNSKJE74CR279233 1ZVBP8EM7B5155503 1LNHM83WXXY628712 JHMGE8H36DC053348 1FTNE2EW7DDA58010 JTLKT324654010019 4T1G11AKXMU541066 JF1SG69628H700393 KNDJ23AU0P7846566 JM1BM1U7XF1222381 1B3HB48B17D252421 KNDMH4C72E6568393 5FNYF4H49CB082736 2HGFC2F73GH553136 1C4NJRFB8GD691345 19XFB2F52DE231725 1B3LC46K18N153989 1FMCU9D71CKC29725 1GCEC14W5VZ148116 2C4RDGCG9DR648459 3N1BC1CP7AL436317 4S3BE635017205007 1FMCU9GX3DUA16633 2HKRM4H41GH672446 3VWF17AT5GM639066 3FAHP0JG4CR220584 JN8AT2MT3LW036590 3FA6P0H91ER110612 5XXGM4A77DG132599 2B3KA73W36H293350 5XXGR4A63DG106607 2G11Z5S3XK9118735 1GCRCPE00BZ159535 1V2KP2CA4MC610748 2G1WS583581289787 3D7HU18NX2G112175 1ZVFT80N165193893 3C4NJDDB8JT131137 2C3CDZAG2KH752139 1G1JB5SH6H4142848 1G1ZS52F84F201124 JM1BM1K75G1322005 7FARW1H52HE030131 ML32A3HJ5HH022242 5FNYF18788B045354 5NPE24AF5FH010884 3N1AB6APXBL603060 2GTEC638171624700 1LNHM82W7XY629558 2HGES16643H610874 1FADP3K20DL156627 1N4AL11D16N335871 2C4RDGBG0CR402710 1G1JF52F147161805 2HGFC2F54JH514965 NM0LS7FX6F1185885 3N1CN8EV4LL878543 3KPF24AD3ME339135 1FTFX1EF4EKE57981 JTKKUPB48E1045008 JNKCV54E84M303817 3VWD17AJ2JM204731 19XFA1F53BE027736 JTHBK262575050511 19XFB2F86EE275562 1D7RV1GT7AS192978 SHSRD78835U328691 3C4NJCBB7KT809827 1GCEC14X99Z140664 5NPDH4AE7DH412937 2A4RR8DG5BR703762 1N4AA5AP6DC811192 3KPF24AD8KE045341 1FADP3K29GL331638 4T1BF1FK1CU576419 1GNFK13027R385306 JTHB51FF4J5004213 JTHCH96S460018950 KNDJD736575721753 1D7HG42K04S580208 2T1BURHEXKC242594 1C4RJEAG2LC364971 WBAHN83518DT80008 2T1BURHE2FC236455 4T1BF28B01U137731 1G4PR5SK1E4163977 5NPDH4AE6FH638535 1LNHM82W75Y659818 2GKFLREK4D6211932 1FMJU1K51BEF07417 SHSRD68555U308572 5NPET46C68H377985 3GCPKSE35BG258181 1FTER4EHXLLA54118 JTHBF1D24F5044277 WP1AA2A52LLB07754 JT3HN86RXX0234492 5XXGT4L3XKG318177 JTHKD5BH4D2146732 JYARJ12E06A002641 1G1BC5SM4G7241454 1G1ZE5ST7HF257686 KM8J3CA23GU230062 JTDBR38E830046261 2HKRW2H86LH649787 1C3CDFBB8FD415852 WA1BNAFY0J2180044 JTEBU14R570122936 JN1BZ36A97M650841 2GKALMEK5H6346646 3GNAXUEV8MS146485 JM1BL1U75D1705387 JM3ER4W33A0313721 1GCRCPEH6EZ297462 1N4AL21E69N408879 19XFB2F98DE240688 1HGCV1F16NA043765 JA4AS5AA8LZ037181 5TDZA23C66S581709 00PC24A37JE027910 YV1MC68266J001197 19UUA9F74EA002389 1C4RJECG6FC192588 1C4RJFAG8MC859067 1GCEK19Z17E169433 5NPE34AFXKH730317 WA1LKAFP9AA052038 2CKDL63F876038324 KMHD35LE3DU090882 JTEBU17R530003757 1G1ZT58N67F165269 4T1BE32K05U027799 5FNRL6H74LB048271 JTEBU17R868064638 3TMCZ5AN0KM193440
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