Clear car history - VIN: 122796

VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN: 122796
  • Color black
  • Body
  • Drive
  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Transmission manual
  • Title ny - mv-51
  • Runs and Drive No
  • Odometer 863 mi actual
  • Keys no
  • Primary damage front end
  • Secondary damage frame damage
Sale information
  • Auction copart
  • Lot number 37300523
  • Sale location ny - long island
  • Sale date 2023-03-02
  • Retail value 39000$
  • Repair cost $
About lot

Car 1956 OTHER MOTORCYCLE VIN number 122796. This vehicle was sold at copart auto auction lot number 37300523, auction date 2023-03-02.

The vehicle has an engine size of and a mileage of 863 MI. Our service provided the following details for the lot: manual transmission, front end damage, Don't Start condition of the car.

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New VINs
1G4ZR5SS7HU186323 1JJV532D2HL972113 7FARW1H89KE001548 WAUFFAFL7BA066832 2C3CDYAG8DH742423 1GB0GSF77M1311022 JM1BL1SF6A1222075 KNDJB723925144814 SHHFK7H48LU405869 5FPYK3F77KB024293 JTHBN36FX40157112 1FDKE30G1SHA96763 5YFBURHE0EP085257 WA1ANAFY5K2086206 5NMJC3AE7NH074627 JTHCH96S760001222 JTHBJ46G472140373 3VW447AU6HM062850 2T1BURHE5HC774392 MLHJC751XJ5003270 1G4GC5E37DF136307 1FDWW37R79EA66314 1C3CDZEGXCN222309 1FDEE3FL1EDA05827 5N1DR2CN5LC634414 KNDPB3ACXF7718593 3C4PDCGG5KT838442 3N1CN7AP9GL820578 3N1AB7AP2JY298385 1G1PC5SB4D7172751 2C4RDGCG4ER253493 WD3PE8CB8C5699326 5NMSH73E89H282502 5NPE34AF4FH016432 1GKKRRED1CJ382024 1G1ZD5ST3JF251411 1N4AL3AP4FC119353 1D7KS28D07J603496 3N1AB7AP8DL669311 JN1EV7ARXKM591434 1GCRCNEC6GZ145936 3LNHL2GC8BR775229 1HGCS12399A024276 JM3KE2CY6G0603494 SHHFK7H71JU429857 1FADP3FE2JL284884 2C4RDGBG0KR634142 5UXFA13585LY02577 1G1PA5SG2D7231121 3FAHP0HA2AR101589 5N1AR18U57C632598 JN8AS58T18W014495 1N4BL4CV9MN365497 5YFEPMAE9NP347195 1GNFC13J68R193930 1G8ZV57788F233698 1HGFA16576L044134 10702412026959 1FAHP2D80DG200065 JTJBT20X890177382 1FTEW1EG8FFA48352 YV1LW5557T2228660 1FTYR10CXWPA77760 ZARFAEEN4J7565228 1FT7W2A67HEF51259 1G11B5SL0FF110757 4JGBB8GB9BA733441 1N4BL4BV7KC240220 4S4BSENC5K3275038 4T1BF1FK6GU204242 4S4BRDLC2B2442499 1FDSX20576ED35095 4V4M19EH88N487114 1GCESBFE2C8151684 JYAVN01E0CA012483 3GCUKSEC4HG191293 3C3CFFAR3CT381379 JHLRD1865WC097796 3N1CE2CP8GL373354 1N4AA6AP4HC436897 2CKDL43F986325290 1G2MB35B47Y112467 1G2NE52EX5M154474 2HGFB2F93FH500830 2MEBM74F5KX662146 KMHTC6AE6GU296321 5TDZA23C55S369477 1FMCU0J97FUB92352 1HGCR2F54GA147445 WDBNG76J13A345951 JTHBK1EG1A2355343 1GNFK16Z96J163823 4S3BG6859W7612236 1HGCV1F36LA126238 4S3BMCB62C3017014 JM1BM1L78E1171284 1GCGTEEN1J1245571 5TFCZ5AN6MX271314 1G6KD57Y07U137063 1GCGK29R0WE162373 5TBBT44164S441685 5YFBURHE4HP654700 19XFB2F57CE100627 1N4AL11D22C214563 JM1BL1SG4A1235366 JF1SG63645H716941 JTLZE4FE0DJ046550 JM3ER2C51B0371886 5XXGR4A63DG201605 2HGFG3B82CH500754 WAUEFAFL8BN051387 1GNALBEK8EZ135349 2G1FK1EJ2F9166250 1FTPW14V98FA58285 1N4BL4BW4LN317365 4JGBF71EX7A120799 WBANW13558CN56751 WBADM6340XGU03174 JN1EV7AP0LM206947 1ZVBP8CF9E5290751 2CNDL33F486036217 5FNYF18437B026215 5NPEC4ACXCH435922 2BXNCBC11DV003537 WBA3A5G54ENP27433 3LN6L5LUXLR602580 1GCWGFCF1F1159086 5YFBURHE3JP799426 4T1BE32K85U515771 WBAHL83518DT12913 2FMDK39C17BB00879 4S4BSANC9H3278235 5LMJJ3TT4LEL18017 JA3AU86W09U040229 ZFBCFADH7EZ010144 KL7CJKSB5LB059846 1G6KD52Y3VU203500 2T3BFREV3HW604374 3KPF24AD1ME346195 3N1CN7AP7GL883176 JTEBU5JR9B5060514 1GCDT196268317844 1G1AD1F54A7143634 1GNSKCE02BR348028 JF1SG63637G738051 1C4NJCBA1CD678229 1FADP3K20DL162671 1J4NF1FB7AD629259 2HGFE2F51NH514051 1FTER4FH7MLD52609
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