Clear car history - VIN: 1039154

VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN: 1039154
  • Color red
  • Body
  • Drive
  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Transmission automatic
  • Title fl - bill of sale
  • Runs and Drive No
  • Odometer 0 mi exempt
  • Keys yes
  • Primary damage water/flood
  • Secondary damage
Sale information
  • Auction copart
  • Lot number 39405883
  • Sale location fl - punta gorda south
  • Sale date 2023-02-23
  • Retail value 3158$
  • Repair cost 5625$
About lot

Car 1997 EZGO GOLF CART VIN number 1039154. This vehicle was sold at copart auto auction lot number 39405883, auction date 2023-02-23.

The vehicle has an engine size of and a mileage of 0 MI. Our service provided the following details for the lot: automatic transmission, water/flood damage, Don't Start condition of the car.

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New VINs
1HGCP2F69BA154771 3N1AB7AP5EY224934 1C3CCCABXFN594537 1XKYD49XXNJ160150 JTEBU5JR3B5076725 1G1PH5S92B7285481 KM8K32AB1NU917276 JTDJT923975114728 2C4RDGEGXHR858152 1GCRWCEK7LZ170454 1GKFK13067J120786 3VWC57BU0KM182948 2HNYD18954H504460 1HGCR2F32FA033554 1G1PG5SB6E7290953 JN1FV7AR3KM800128 JM1DE1HY7B0131125 1HGCR2F43GA080179 WDCTG4GB3GJ222831 JTJGA31U640012266 5NPEC4AC0CH339443 WBA6B2C55FD130054 3N1CN7AP9KL831198 1G4GB5GR1EF139516 2C4RDGBGXDR683304 3TMGZ5AN3LM329868 3N1AB7AP5GY287664 JT3HN87R320381616 4EZT21617H4024425 JA4LT31W18Z015228 KNAGE224X95363835 KMHTC6AD7CU019744 5J8TB4H59EL006496 KMHCN46C48U268136 3HGGK5H5XHM714010 2FMDK3GC6ABA37854 3TMLU4EN8EM157647 5TFCZ5AN2KX179856 2HKRW2H27LH640737 3N1AB7AP2FY232278 1HGCV1F43JA032761 WDDHF5KB0DA723270 5NPE24AF2GH383303 2HGFC2F86JH570609 1GCNCPEX5DZ900258 3FA6P0G73GR200234 1HGES16532L019590 ZACNJBBB3KPJ82333 1G11C5SA7GU146311 1FTNW21P03ED00527 1G11C5SAXDF340962 2HGFC1F71LH681508 WDBRF87H47F881369 WDDXJ8GB7LA041828 5NPD84LF2KH419586 1G4GC5ED0BF147672 3KPF24AD8LE201475 2FMDK4JC7CBA86191 3NSVBE875KH485600 1C6RR7LT4KS527307 1K9BS08146K118010 KNADM4A31F6437658 5TDBK3EH1CS149781 1HGCR2F32HA205147 KMHDH4AE0CU246907 3GCUKSEC7GG277020 1GNEK13Z92R207685 JN8AF5MR8ET452913 2T2GK31U67C025489 2A8HR54P08R832641 5N1CR2MM0EC661797 SALGS2FVXHA348264 JTKDE177X70163544 WVGRF7BP2HD001174 1C4RJFAG6JC349585 1C4RJFCG5DC536883 JF2SH63669H718866 2C4RDGBG2DR731779 1C6JJTBG5ML521000 1FMCU0D75CKC66157 KNDJT2A50D7529141 JA4AD2A36JZ063673 5TFUM5F13FX061684 3FAHP0JA8CR428642 5XXGN4A73FG496471 JNKCV51E75M207750 2T2ZK1BA1AC035629 2FAFP73W35X148088 ZARFAMAN4K7600304 JF1VA1C65M9815259 JT2BG22K3Y0491957 1GKKNPLS8HZ189640 4T1CA30P34U038650 1GTR2VE04DZ112339 1HGCM56683A035315 ZPBUA1ZL7KLA04462 WDDDJ72X67A102401 ZFBCFYCB6HP607341 3FA6P0LU8KR125373 5J6RE4H75BL102942 5NPLM4AG0NH072007 2C3CDXL91GH240947 5NPE24AF5GH362753 5NPD84LF1JH295552 3KPF24AD0KE080763 1HGCM56847A133166 5YFBU4EE7DP168383 KMHDU46D48U546369 2GCEC19T731337337 1FMCU03Z88KB46511 5GRGN23U06H113370 1N6AA06B34N570008 5J8YE1H32NL026275 1N6BD0CT8EN716915 KNDJN2A25E7073235 1C4NJRBB5FD102661 1GTG5CEA5L1213284 5J6RM4H72EL043761 5TDEBRCH4MS023614 00ADP4AJ2FM212955 1C4GP64L6YB701711 5YFBURHE4JP814063 1HGCV1F36JA134157 1GC4YUEY5MF306940 JN8AS5MTXFW670911 1FAFP34N15W222716 5XXGM4A74FG442051 1GKS1CE01BR255310 5TDYZ3DC0KS015614 2HNYD186X3H521288 1GCVKREC5FZ347397 WBA8E1G51GNT37170 3HGCM56486G703991 1FMCU49329KA81246 1GCWGAFP3K1252306 3D4PG1FG3BT528161 4T1BF28B14U357030 2HGFB2F52CH515439 1FTRX18W42NB92126 JTJBT20X340045204 1FMCU04132KB25615 ZN661XUL9HX234482 1C6RR7LTXDS701772 5NPE34AF5HH495513 1FMPU18L02LA11469 5FNYF4H54DB018890 1GCEK14T54Z179132 4F2CZ96113KM10435 2V4RW3DG6BR695713 5FNYF4H51FB037884
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