Clear car history - VIN: 100189

VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN: 100189
  • Color red
  • Body
  • Drive
  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Transmission unknown
  • Title wa - bill of sale
  • Runs and Drive Yes
  • Odometer 2753 mi actual
  • Keys yes
  • Primary damage front end
  • Secondary damage mechanical
Sale information
  • Auction iaa
  • Lot number 34738433
  • Sale location il - dream rides
  • Sale date 2023-01-09
  • Retail value 37500$
  • Repair cost $
About lot

Car 1960 CUSTOM SEDAN VIN number 100189. This vehicle was sold at iaa auto auction lot number 34738433, auction date 2023-01-09.

The vehicle has an engine size of and a mileage of 2753 MI. Our service provided the following details for the lot: unknown transmission, front end damage, Runs & Drive condition of the car.

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New VINs
KMHE34L19GA024497 5TDZA22C76S546484 2T1BURHE9GC595819 5FNYF4H54BB105377 2GNAXSEV1J6190777 2C3CDXHG7JH169154 JM1BL1VG6B1438398 1N4AL3AP1DC140657 2T3BF4DV2AW038735 5GALRCED2AJ140046 WDCTG4EB9KU017430 2FMTK4J92FBB40730 1G1ZD5ST7LF082738 3N1CN7AP1KL875549 1FMZU73E23UA81393 SALAD24486A355849 1N4AL2AP2CN475956 1FMEU73E28UB02054 WAUFGAFC7GN179189 4S3BL676956220772 5YFBURHE5FP275508 5GAKVCED1CJ283208 JTHBK1EG5A2348069 1GNDT13W7Y2358265 JN8AZ08T75W303214 2GTEC19V0Y1190321 5YFBURHE7JP742730 1FTSE3EL5BDA52489 1G1FY6S02L4100092 4T1BE30K06U663417 1GTN1LECXGZ129506 2FMDK51C29VA31713 1FMCU0BZ4LUC50959 55SWF4JB8GU177194 3VW2B7AJ5HM321444 1FMZU63K35UB30412 1HGCR2F87DA175245 5FNRL5H6XBB025139 1STCMAA123J515094 JTKDE167090292686 1G6KD54Y24U219960 1HGEM21202L030866 1C4HJXEG0LW253089 1HGCP2F41AA058288 1XKYDP9X7FJ462059 1N4AL3AP4DN525280 2C3CDXHG8DH709311 JN8DF5MV5ET150344 KL4CJASB1LB033395 WBSFV9C51ED097225 3VWDX7AJ9BM334117 1LNHL9DR1BG600569 2GCEC13C381123994 1G1PC5SH0C7227778 1N6AA1EE7MN529723 5FNRL5H99CB054448 2G1WG5EK8B1151049 1W9H753265H157309 JM1BK32F181836458 1HSDJSJR8EH344103 1N6ED26T33C451513 1G1ZB5EUXBF315553 4V4NC9EH0BN534707 5XYZG3AB3BG044169 3FAHP0HA2AR110583 JTHBE96S280033650 JNRAS08W44X212792 5NPEB4AC7DH773704 1FMJK2A55EEF48893 5XXGT4L36KG322355 ZAM57XSA2H1236781 2HKRW2H56LH622739 2S3TD52V636103878 JM3KFADL0H0168810 1YVGF22CX25280607 1J4FF68S2XL548098 5UXTY5C06M9F80064 2G4GS5GX8G9121105 1FMCU9J97GUB47594 1C4NJDEB9GD745546 2C4GP44L73R255485 1GCFG25W311168077 1GCSGAFX8C1120061 5NMJF3AEXNH091607 1G4GC5EG8AF275442 WBA53BJ09NCJ58895 5FPYK3F56PB010312 1FT7W2BT8LED35272 1GTEK19T03E235542 5UXCR6C04N9L10610 1FTYR2XM7HKA16970 5NMZU3LB7HH015651 5YFS4RCE1LP031003 JTHBK1GG8F2199905 5XXGR4A63DG201605 JNKCV54E96M717367 2GNALCEK5F6269951 3GCPCREC1EG112502 4T1BE32K53U161544 19XFC1F30LE203328 3C6UD5DL3CG293715 4T4BF1FK7FR480403 1G6AG5RX1F0103534 JTDKDTB3XF1097393 1J4FF58SX1L552692 2FMDK3GC8EBA85636 3N1CE2CP1JL361912 2CNDL73F756196952 JTEBU5JR8F5224440 5XXGR4A61EG278457 2T1BURHE0JC080389 JN8AS5MT0DW023088 4T1BE46K67U009035 DW544JZ594742 2HGFE2F52NH516858 1FMYU03104KB12301 3FAHP07ZX9R124976 1GKEK13TX1R173926 1L1FM88WX7Y616593 KMHRB8A39LU020331 1HGCV1F12JA173147 1GNFC16068J210954 1N4BL3AP8FC186901 5FNYF6H19GB061327 5LMCJ2C98HUL50277 1GNFK13087J258493 1HGCP26399A114724 1J4PN2GK2BW577089 JHMGE8H38DC079773 4S4BRDPC2D2306936 1FMCU0G6XLUA46911 JHLRD1769WC085278 KMHD35LE9DU018021 5YFBU4EE9DP089345 JN8AZ08W07W621561 2HKRM4H51GH655848 3FA6P0T96FR176789 2T2GK31U09C058328 2CKDL43F386314771 1FTSF30548EA83483 1NXBR12E91Z494085 ML32A4HJ7HH000989 1FM5K7D87JGC29143 1D4PT2GK1AW120125 3GNFC16098G209332 1G6DG5E52C0104673 7SAYGDEE2NF463554 JTEDP21A370143742 3VWJZ71K29M057228 5UXZV4C51BL413066
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