Clear car history - VIN: 00DS4RCE2LJ031936

VIN: 00DS4RCE2LJ031936
  • Color red
  • Body sedan 4 dr.
  • Drive front wheel drive
  • Fuel gasoline
  • Engine
  • Transmission automatic
  • Title ae - vcc
  • Runs and Drive No
  • Odometer 0 mi actual
  • Keys yes
  • Primary damage front end
  • Secondary damage
Sale information
  • Auction iaa
  • Lot number 33409252
  • Sale location ae - marhaba cars auction
  • Sale date 2022-10-25
  • Retail value 0$
  • Repair cost 0$
About lot

Car 2020 TOYOTA COROLLA SE/NIGHTSHADE VIN number 00DS4RCE2LJ031936. This vehicle was sold at iaa auto auction lot number 33409252, auction date 2022-10-25.

The vehicle has an engine size of and a mileage of 0 MI. Our service provided the following details for the lot: automatic transmission, front end damage, Don't Start condition of the car.

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