Clear car history - VIN: 0009091

1964 VOLVO 1800S
VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN: 0009091
  • Color red
  • Body
  • Drive
  • Fuel
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Title mo - certificate of title (p)
  • Runs and Drive No
  • Odometer 62397 mi exempt
  • Keys no
  • Primary damage all over
  • Secondary damage mechanical
Sale information
  • Auction copart
  • Lot number 42424933
  • Sale location mo - springfield
  • Sale date 2023-03-01
  • Retail value $
  • Repair cost $
About lot

Car 1964 VOLVO 1800S VIN number 0009091. This vehicle was sold at copart auto auction lot number 42424933, auction date 2023-03-01.

The vehicle has an engine size of and a mileage of 62397 MI. Our service provided the following details for the lot: transmission, all over damage, Don't Start condition of the car.

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New VINs
5NPDH4AE2EH491273 WZ1DB0C06NW053573 JF2SKAJC1MH456695 1GNSKKKC0FR746272 1FMSK8DH9MGC44482 KNAFU6A22B5407306 2C1MR5227W6710559 3VWRZ71KX8M137328 1ZVBP8AM0C5278227 3FA6P0H77GR142109 1FTER4FH1LLA78211 JYARJ18Y5GA003285 JA4AD3A34GZ015491 58ABZ1B10KU033610 JTHCE96S470003195 WAUCH74F59N031609 1FMCU0G97DUC05900 JM1BL1S64A1200690 3C3CFFDR3CT379188 5NPE24AF1FH187383 4T1BG22K2YU673323 SALWR2KF2GA581317 1FT7W2B69JEB04551 1FMZK031X5GA78205 1FMCU0F78GUA53680 1GCWGAFG1K1267340 1NXBR32E66Z608529 JTHBK262192090590 JTJBM7FX9K5221903 WAUSF78K79N036593 3N1AB7AP7KY432020 WDCTG4GBXFJ104399 5N1AR1NB0CC607976 3N1CE2CP4EL386647 WVGAV3AX3EW034081 1HGCV1F38JA195252 4T1BF1FK5EU313191 1HGCT2B86DA005871 1J4NT1GB1BD237001 1142598318 JTMBK32V195072970 5XXGT4L3XLG402873 2GCEK19TX11354052 2A4RR4DE8AR198175 2GCEC19T151248513 NM0LS7CN3BT048193 5NPEC4ACXEH813580 1HGCM56663A035944 1HGCV1F52JA030752 2GKFLXEK7E6278840 JTHBK1EG7B2433772 5GAKRCED6CJ289400 KMHD84LF7JU630119 YAMA1850I920 5YFBU4EE1DP142099 19XFA1F51AE071359 3C3CFFKRXHT580208 2G1WG5E3XC1102476 1XPHDB9XX7N685817 1FMCU0GX2GUA49090 WA1BNAFY0J2180044 3MZBN1V38JM196915 JM1BL1UG5B1391978 KM8JBCA11NU043362 1FMCU0GD1JUC88823 JM1BL1UF3B1903194 4T1T11BK4MU030305 1HGCT1B86DA010143 4A4MN21S17E057098 2V4RW3D12AR360569 1G1PF5S98B7153024 1GC5KZC84GZ270912 2HKRM3H50GH521956 1FBVU4XG5GKA53994 JTDJT903595261800 1N4BL3AP4GC135221 4T1BF3EK8AU080320 2C4RC1CG0CR245324 1HGEM21924L085190 JTDKN3DU9B0312006 3N1AB7AP2HL695361 JTLKT334964065662 1VWBP7A35CC027071 3C4PDCAB6DT702935 5XXGV4L23GG019591 5XYKTDA62EG490002 3GNVKFE08AG257603 5NPE34AF1KH805826 RFVPAP5A1N1131385 1GCRKSE71DZ128204 1C6RR7LT7KS524479 5FNYF3H93AB016721 1G1ZB5ST4GF262920 KM8J33AL6LU162049 JM1BK143561520887 1G1AD5F55A7226433 3VWC57BU7KM057011 1HGEM22511L075161 1N4AL2APXAN497720 1C4PJLLB2MD134906 1GCRKSE73DZ202772 39487M615708 1FA6P8CF3J5118803 4JGBB86E58A356174 WDDYK8AA8JA015933 WBAXG5C51CDY30477 1G6AH1RX6G0107960 1FADP3F27DL317131 1C6RR7PM2FS555860 1C4SDJCT9LC188335 KM8SC13D92U285079 2HKRM4H39EH719694 1C4RJFBG2LC436966 KNMAT2MT0KP536646 3KPFK4A78HE087317 4T1BF1FK8DU714295 1C3CCBAB2DN658397 2GNALBEK3E6291276 3N1AB7AP3FL632878 5YFBURHE7GP537286 3MZBM1K77EM116343 YV1MS382072269370 1N6AD0FV4CC470141 1GNSKPKDXMR335738 NM0LS7E71G1273987 5N1AT2MV3KC840719 5J6YH28716L011048 KL4CJASB4GB537512 1FMCU0GX9DUC76689 1G4PR5SK4E4232242 JH4CL96974C040559 2C3CCABG9JH243697 5NMSG13DX9H286655 1C4BJWDG2CL121762 5TEVL52N33Z248010 4T1BF3EK6AU039250 3N1AB61E98L628801 1FTYR44V22PB67251 5YFBURHE3EP025053 2G1FC1EV9A9136929 1N6AD07W65C462407 1FDWE3FK6NDC43538 3TMJU62NX9M074198 WAUAC48H65K010585 1G8ZJ5273WZ310511 2MEFM75W95X650442 JTHBN36FX65045187 KL4CJBSB4FB145456 4T1T11AKXPU756790 2HGFA1F39AH538189
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